Srs Nilam Ghar

srs (software requirments specifications)

SRS Nilam Ghar

In the era of technology, it is trending to buy and sell things online where you have an open market place to choose and purchase items of your need in competitive pricing. So, Nilam Ghar is an online store to sale and purchase used and new items by customers / users.



Scope of Project Nilam Ghar:

Project scope is the part of project planning that involves determining and documenting a list of specific project  goals, deliverables, tasks, costs and deadlines. Defining the project scope involves adopting a clear vision and an agreement on the outcomes of the project. This allows each milestone of the project to stay on target

Functional and Non Functional Requirements of Nilam Ghar:

Functional Requirements :

A functional requirement shows that what the system must do what services the system present to users. It describes a software system or its component. A function is nothing but inputs to the software system, its behavior, and outputs

Functional Requirements of Nilam Ghar:

Registered Seller upload the item name along with item’s pictures (maximum 4, minimum 1) that are available for sale along with short description, category of item, start price, condition, status (new / used), available stock, address and contact number. After uploading item, the advertisement is approved by web Administrator (admin). Admin can approve ads in two ways;
1 – approve all newly uploaded ads of specific seller
2 – approve pending ads one by one for all the uploaded items
After approval of advertisement by Admin, the ad will be published / visible on web. Category of item for sale is of these major and sub types described below:
Mobile Phones
Car Spare Parts
Bike Spare Parts
Cycle Spare Parts
Home Appliances & Electronics
Computers & Accessories
TV & Radio
Cameras & Accessories
Home Appliances
Kitchen Appliances
AC & Coolers
Fridges & Freezers
Washing Machines & Dryers
Furniture & Decoration Items
Sofa & Chairs
Beds & Wardrobes
Home Decoration
Tables & Dining
Garden & Outdoor
Painting & Mirrors
Rugs & Carpets
Curtains & Blinds
Office Furniture
Other Household Items
Books, Sports & Hobbies
Books & Magazines
Musical Instruments
Sports Equipment
Gym & Fitness
Kids Furniture
Prams & Walkers
Swings & Slides
Kids Bikes
Kids Accessories
You have to mention these types manually by entering it in Database / table once. There must be a privilege to enter / facilitate new categories in future. A registered user can buy or sell items on the web store. So, when user logins to the web site, site
asks about the role of user at the time of entering. There must be an option to switch user role at anytime of user login. For example, if a user selects a role of seller at the time of login, after entering few items for sale, he / she must have a privilege to shift role from seller to buyer without logged out. After changing the user role, content of website would be changed accordingly.
If a user is interested to buy an item at a time, user have to show interest to make contact
number visible for query about the product. Then buyer have to press Add to Cart button to
process order. Name of buyer, credit card information and price of purchased item(s) is picked from database that was already entered by the user at the time of registration. User has to enter pin code to process order. Then the item is marked as sold and repository of item is maintained accordingly in database. Seller can delete / update or add new items at any time. For deleted items, Record of previously
sold items should remain in the respective table / database but those items will not be shown / available for sale after deletion of respective item. While updating an item, the seller is only allowed to update item’s pictures, price and available stock.
If an item’s repository is zero then the advertisement for that item must not be visible for sale to customers. Now for admin reporting, we require two reports to display (PDF or HTML format)
1 -Active users on web store along with total items available for sale (items with zero repository are not included in this)
2 – Comprehensive report of Total revenue generated by users / sellers. For example, if admin wants to see the report of revenue generation by seller XYZ or all sellers, then the report must have
A- Seller Name and Total revenue generated by the seller
B- A complete tabular report (three columns) having seller name, generated revenue along
with user registration date


  • Application is user friendly.
  • Application Perform fast manipulation and calculations.
  • Application is adaptable.
  • Application will be able to work on all types of operating systems.
  • Application will be capable to handle multi user activities simultaneously.
  • There will be back up system to face any problem in system
  • All the options should be learning friendly I.e. member could easily understand what that option will do if he clicked on it.
  • Response Time is very awesome.
Some others are:
  • Accessibility
  • Maintainability
  •  Fault Tolerance.
  • Security
  • Robustnes


Use Case Diagram of Diagnosis of Nilam Ghar

a use case diagram can summarize the details of your system’s users   and their interactions with the system. Scenarios in which your system or application interacts with organizations, people, or external systems. Goals that your system or application helps those entities achieve



Usage Scenarios Diagnosis of Nilam Ghar:

A brief user story explaining who is using the system and what they are trying to accomplish. A Scenario is made up of a number of simple, discrete steps that are designated as being performed by either the System or a  User.



The adopted methodology for this project is vu process model. Vu process model is a combination of water-fall model and spiral model. This combination has many advantages. This model has high risk analysis so avoidance of risk would be achieved. This model is easy to understand and use. Now first we will discuss the Water-fall model.


Work Plan of Diagnosis of Nilam Ghar:

Work plan

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