Srs Meeting Scheduler

srs (software requirments specifications)

SRS Meeting Scheduler

In professional/official environment meetings are very important. Meetings help people feel
included, trusted, and that they are important team members. At the same time it gives them the opportunity to contribute to the success of our companies. Meetings provide opportunities for our team members to contribute their ideas and also letting them know our expectations, needs and wants from them. Meeting scheduling is a challenge for its organizer. Manual meeting coordination is more tedious. There are lot of things to do like contact the participants, ask them about their availability preferences, and inquire about their possible dates of availability. After these steps one could reach to possible date that could be acceptable for all participants. This is a real time challenge faced by the organizers in manual meeting scheduling process. This proposal is being presented to address the challenges of manual meeting process. The goal of this proposal is to develop an automated meeting scheduler which could coordinate among the members digitally



Scope of Project Meeting Scheduler:

Project scope is the part of project planning that involves determining and documenting a list of specific project  goals, deliverables, tasks, costs and deadlines. Defining the project scope involves adopting a clear vision and an agreement on the outcomes of the project. This allows each milestone of the project to stay on target

Functional and Non Functional Requirements of Meeting Scheduler:

Functional Requirements :

A functional requirement shows that what the system must do what services the system present to users. It describes a software system or its component. A function is nothing but inputs to the software system, its behavior, and outputs

Functional Requirements of Meeting Scheduler:

Any user can Sign-up in the application. On successful registration email should be dispatched to the user on his/her email address. SMS confirmation will be an additional feature. Possible information attributes for the sign-up process could be username, email, password, timezone, earliest time, latest time, created at, updated at. Sing in
There will be an interface for the users to sign-in the application. It means only authorized users will be able to use the application. Meeting Schedule Any user can initiate the meeting schedule process. By default the initiator is the host of the meeting. Host has the provision to invite the participants. There may be different meeting statuses like Proposed or Confirmed. Meeting may have various information attributes, some of those may be title, description, start_time, duration, status (proposed, confirmed), password, created_at, updated_at etc. Host may propose different meeting dates with times and participants will be able to choose the possible date as per its availability preference. Host will finalize the date and fix the meeting at a particular date. Once it is fixed then every participant will give his/her feedback whether he/she attending the meeting or not. Host may upload the meeting agenda with the meeting for meeting members. At the end of the meeting host may associate the minutes of the meeting. These are very precise and fundamental requirements of the project. You may introduce more features and increase the scope of the project.


  • Application is user friendly.
  • Application Perform fast manipulation and calculations.
  • Application is adaptable.
  • Application will be able to work on all types of operating systems.
  • Application will be capable to handle multi user activities simultaneously.
  • There will be back up system to face any problem in system
  • All the options should be learning friendly I.e. member could easily understand what that option will do if he clicked on it.
  • Response Time is very awesome.
Some others are:
  • Accessibility
  • Maintainability
  •  Fault Tolerance.
  • Security
  • Robustnes


Use Case Diagram of Diagnosis of Meeting Scheduler

a use case diagram can summarize the details of your system’s users   and their interactions with the system. Scenarios in which your system or application interacts with organizations, people, or external systems. Goals that your system or application helps those entities achieve



Usage Scenarios Diagnosis of Meeting Scheduler:

A brief user story explaining who is using the system and what they are trying to accomplish. A Scenario is made up of a number of simple, discrete steps that are designated as being performed by either the System or a  User.


ADOPTED METHODOLOGY for Meeting Scheduler:

The adopted methodology for this project is vu process model. Vu process model is a combination of water-fall model and spiral model. This combination has many advantages. This model has high risk analysis so avoidance of risk would be achieved. This model is easy to understand and use. Now first we will discuss the Water-fall model.


Work Plan of Diagnosis of Meeting Scheduler:

Work plan

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