PK301 GDB Solution Fall 2021

pk301 gdb solution
pk301 gdb solution

PK301 GDB Solution Fall 2021

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Do you think that the Pandemic COVID-19 pushed world again towards anti-globalization.


Pandemic is a source of an irresistible sickness that has spread across number of continents or around the world, effecting a significant number of peoples.

Globalization is the source of cooperation and coordination among individuals and organizations around the world.

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My Opinion.

In my opinion “Yes” pandemic COVID-19 has pushed the world again towards the anti-globalization, but it is only applicable on the physical aspect of globalization. If you see the other side of the picture, Pandemic COVID-19 has also largen the virtual globalization. Physical interaction between foreign individuals and corporations has been reduced but virtual interactions between individuals and companies opened a new era of globalization.

So the conclusion is that Pandemic COVID-19 has both positive and negative effects on globalization. It seizes some opportunities but also opened new ones.

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