CS609 Midterm Past Paper online Practice Quiz

midterm past paper quiz
midterm past paper quiz

CS609 Midterm Past Paper

You have come here while searching for CS609 midterm past papers. But before going to download the CS609 midterm past paper. I have a better option for you. That is, that you can attempt the online quiz of CS609.

Practice Quiz from CS609 Midterm Past Paper

This quiz will evaluate your preparation for the CS609 midterm examination and it is based on the past papers of CS609. The purpose of this quiz is to evaluate your performance in this subject. If you can pass this quiz, then there is a great chance that you can secure good marks in your exams.

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midterm past paper quiz

CS609 lecture wise midterm quiz (practice)

Welcome to CS609 Midterm Online Practice Quiz.

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To distinguish 486 with Pentium CPUID Test is used?

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Software based flow control make use of ——– control characters?

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The ____________ function simply enables the self test facility within the modem control register?

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Int 14H __________ can be used to receive a byte?

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Int 14H can be used to set the line parameter of the UART or COM?

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 _________ is used to identify the cause of interrupt?

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_____ bit is cleared to indicate the low nibble is being sent?

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We have set the bit No. 7 of IMR(Interrupt Mask Register) to unmask the Interrupt so that interrupt _____ can occur at ____ line?

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LPTs can be swapped?

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PPI interconnection _______ bits is cleared to indicate low nibble is being sent?

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The PPI acts as an interface between the CPU and a parallel ________ ?

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PPI is used to perform parallel communication?

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Standard PC can have _____ PPI?

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In parallel communication, the maximum numbers of bits we can send between two computers are ________. ?

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The following command “outportb (0x61,inportb(0x61) | 3);” will ________ ?

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In order to produce the sound from PC internal Speaker we have to load the___bit divisor value at the ___port?

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Counter register can be used to divide clock signal?

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To store each character in keyboard buffer bytes are required?

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In IRQ2 and IRQ3 which one has the highest priority?

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The microprocessor package has many signals for data. Below are some incorrect priority order (Higher to Lower)?

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To store each character in keyboard buffer ____ bytes are required?

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The keyboards interface as discussed earlier uses the IRQ0 and the port 64H as data port?

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The service _________ is called the keyboard hook service?

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Maximum number of interrupts in a standard PC is?

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Interrupt service number is usually placed in ____________ register?

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Keyboard Status Byte is located at the address?

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The keyboard makes use of interrupt number _______ for its input operations?

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Usually interrupt procedures are reentrant procedures especially those interrupt procedure compiled using C language compiler are reentrant?

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A single interrupt controller can arbitrate among ____ different devices?

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NMI Stand for?

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Note before downloading CS609 midterm past paper

One thing to note dear fellows that you must don’t rely on these papers only. They can be a source of help but not an ultimate solution. If you want to get good marks in your exams you are advised to go through all of your handouts and must watch all of the video lectures.

Golden rules for good marks in VU Exams.

As per my experience, I have developed some golden rules for getting good marks in Virtual University Exams based on experience. I got 3.96 CGPA by following these rules.So here they are:
  1. Never miss your Quiz, Assignment, or GDB.
  2. Always try to do your Assignment on your own.
  3. Try your best to finish your video lectures 10 days before exams.
  4. Try your best to read your handouts twice before exams.
  5. Read forward attempt backward.
  6. Never schedule more than one paper on the same day.
  7. Your most difficult paper should have a gap of 1 or more days.
  8. Toughest paper must be scheduled first.
  9. Read questions forward and attempt backward.
  10. Don’t waste your time during a paper on illegal activities.

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