cs611 assignment no 3 solution






CS611 assignment no 3 solution

Suppose we have a web-based application for pizza shop. User can choose the pizza according to Type (Chicken, Fajita etc) and size (Small, Medium, Large), place order (by filling address and mobile no) and online payment options(bank account or mobile bank account, card/debit cards) are available to user. After placing the order user can track their orders with the order tracking available on the website. Keep this scenario in your mind and answer the following questions.


1.         Identify functional requirements of user from given scenario.


1.      Pizza Type


2.      Pizza Size

3.      Customer Information

i.      Customer name

ii.      Customer address

iii.      Customer mobile



4.      Online payment information

i.      Card information (Visa/MasterCard)

ii.      Bank Account

iii.      Mobile Account (Easy Paisa/Jazz Cash)

Continuing the above scenario, write any two functional requirements in given table

Use Case Name:
Use Case ID
Normal Course of Events
Alternative Path:


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