CS507 Midterm Past Paper online Practice Quiz

midterm past paper quiz
midterm past paper quiz

CS507 Midterm Past Paper

You have come here while searching for CS507 midterm past papers. But before going to download the CS507 midterm past paper. I have a better option for you. That is, that you can attempt the online quiz of CS507.

Practice Quiz from CS507 Midterm Past Paper

This quiz will evaluate your preparation for the CS507 midterm examination and it is based on the past papers of CS507. The purpose of this quiz is to evaluate your performance in this subject. If you can pass this quiz, then there is a great chance that you can secure good marks in your exams.

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midterm past paper quiz

CS507 Midterm Past Papers Practice Quiz

Welcome to CS507 Midterm Online Practice Quiz.

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1. Accounts should have a control over various recording points in the entire process from procurement to finished good store room.


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2. Elements that exist outside the boundary of the business (Organization) and have the potential to affect all or part of the organization called-----------------------------

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3. Devaluation of currency is called ________

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4. MIS is the primary source for the managers to be aware of red-alerts

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5. Management is concerned with the day to day costs, production targets in ____

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6. Which of the following models are an approach for developing systems based on producing deliverables frequently/repetitively?

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7. There are five phases of the decision making process, first one is intelligence.

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8. ---------infrastructure consists of the physical facilities services and management that support all computing resources in an organization

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9. The information from the system not used for control purpose called--------------------

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10. _________ sources are used, which simplify the process of finding the proximity Literature

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11. _______ models are three dimensional representation of an entity (Object/Process).


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12. Decision support systems are designed to be ad hoc and quick-response systems which are initiated and controlled by decision makers.


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13. The study of business problem domain used to recommend improvements and specify the business Requirements for the solution is called

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14. Organizations are distinguished on the basis of __________

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15. An information system that automatically generates report on regular basis and are not used to monitor input or activities is called


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Which of the following views organization as a combination of process oriented groups whose information needs are related but Independent?

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17. The comparison of actual system with expected system is done with the help of control mechanism

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18. Which of the following phase of decision making process involves selecting a course of action from those available?

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19. The system used to record the transactions of routine and repetitive nature is called as _________ .


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20. A system that is not connected with its environment is called ------------------------


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21. Organizational culture is the specific collection of values and norms that are shared by people and groups in an organization and that control the way they interact with each other and with stakeholders outside the


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22. There are five phases of decision making process.

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23. Which of the following helps in getting the right material and physical resources together at the right place and at the right time to meet the customer’s requirements?

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24. Cost benefit analysis is must in choosing an alternative in a decision making model.

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25. Instead of Information, data is more important in day to day decision making.

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26. Which of the following is a form of automation where computers communicate work instructions directly to the manufacturing machinery?

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27. System analysts work as a link between business people and computer programmers

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28. The turnaround time from the input of the transaction to the production for the output must be a few --------------------

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29. Medium size organizations usually have simple management structure than those of small organizations.

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The spiral lifecycle model is a combination of the classic RAID model and aspects of risk analysis.

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Note before downloading CS507 midterm past paper

One thing to note dear fellows that you must don’t rely on these papers only. They can be a source of help but not an ultimate solution. If you want to get good marks in your exams you are advised to go through all of your handouts and must watch all of the video lectures.

Golden rules for good marks in VU Exams.

As per my experience, I have developed some golden rules for getting good marks in Virtual University Exams based on experience. I got 3.96 CGPA by following these rules.So here they are:
  1. Never miss your Quiz, Assignment, or GDB.
  2. Always try to do your Assignment on your own.
  3. Try your best to finish your video lectures 10 days before exams.
  4. Try your best to read your handouts twice before exams.
  5. Read forward attempt backward.
  6. Never schedule more than one paper on the same day.
  7. Your most difficult paper should have a gap of 1 or more days.
  8. Toughest paper must be scheduled first.
  9. Read questions forward and attempt backward.
  10. Don’t waste your time during a paper on illegal activities.

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