CS504 Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2021

cs504 assignment 3 solution fall 2021
cs504 assignment 3 solution fall 2021

CS504 Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2021

If you are searching for CS504 Assignment 3 solution for fall 2021, then you are landed on right place.

Question No. 1: (10 Marks) 

style that might be used as a basis for managing the development of the “GoldenAge” application.

You are required to Choose the most appropriate Architectural style from the options below and draw diagram of the selected architecture that best depicts the “Golden Age” application idea using proper notations. [2 marks for correct name and 8 marks for diagram].

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  • Client-Server Architecture
  • Layered Architecture
  • Pipe and Filter Architecture
  • Repository architectures 

Solution: Pipe and Filter Architecture

cs504 assignment 3 fall 2021
cs504 assignment 3 fall 2021

Question No. 2: (10 Marks)

The following table contains some code declarations in C++, which are not according to a proper coding convention.  You are required to make the code statements self-documented by following the Naming conventions and Best Programming Practices taught in the course. Write your answer in the 2nd column of the table in the respective row.  [2 marks for each].

Code Statements without proper coding conventions Code Statements with proper coding conventions
string vehicleplatenumber;

// plate number of vehicle

string vehiclePlateNumber;
void setage(Admin a);

// setter function for admin age

void setAge(Admin admin);
student std;

// variable of type Student

Student std;
int openDVDplayer() ;

// function to open DVD player

int openDvdPlayer();
class Studentinfo{

private int rollNo;    // roll number of student


class StudentInfo{

private int rollNo;



Note before coping solution:

This is only just an idea solution you must have to include your own logic into this for 100% marks. You can take it just like a framework for CS504 Assignment Solution.

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