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CS201 Assignment Soultion:

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Write a C++ program that performs the following tasks:


  • Print your name, VU id, and list of courses you have selected in current semester.
  • Print the names of all courses you have selected in the current semester.
  • Add first numeric digit of your VU id to the total number of courses selected.
  • Display the result of sum on the
  • Print “Welcome to CS201-Introduction to Programming” by using WHILE loop. Number of iterations of WHILE loop must be equal to sum calculated in point 4.


For example, suppose the student id is BC123456781. Then by adding first digits of vu id=1, with number of courses (suppose =4), we get sum= 5.


Sum = first digits of vu id + number of courses

5      =       1    +    4


In this case, program should print “Welcome to CS201-Introduction to Programming” 5 times.


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