Web Design and Development (CS506)

web design and development
web design and development

What is Web design and development

Since there isn’t dependably a firm stance that isolates the two jobs web design and development, the titles are frequently utilized conversely. As we know web growing faster than anything else so, the job of web developers is also growing exponentially complicated.

Website design and development is the term that depicts the most common way of making a site. As the name of subject web design and development purposes, it includes two significant ranges of abilities: website design and website development.

So, Web designing determines the look and feels of a site and web development decides the functionality of the website.

Responsibilities of web designer and developers

Website specialists are continually tackling issues for their clients. Sites should function in such a way that clients should proceed where they want to and do what they like to do. A disappointed client is more averse to keep close by, not to mention a return to a site.

That is the reason each website architecture component is in help of making the site as simple to use as could be expected: so, individuals visit and associate with the site over and over once more.

Web Design and Development Quiz(CS506)

You may have come here while searching for CS506 midterm past papers. But before going to download the CS506 midterm past paper. I have a better option for you. That is, that you can attempt the online quiz of CS506.

Web Design and development is the main subject for programmers to understand the development of web applications using programming java language. If anyone has strong grip on this subject, definitely that student will prosper in programming.

I hope that your preparation for web design and development exams will be outstanding. So enjoy your quiz.

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midterm past paper quiz

CS506 Mid Term Online Practice Quiz

Welcome to CS506 Midterm Online Practice Quiz.

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1. You can ---------to a network using sockets.

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2. In Java a final class must be sub-classed before it.

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3. Event source can have --------- listeners registered on it

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4. An abstract class --------------- instantiated.

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5. A serializable class must implement the method(s) _________.

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6. Map interface is derived from the Collection interface

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7. When defining a method you must include a ___________ to declare any exception that might be thrown but is not caught in the method.

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8. Which of the following statements is true regarding Vectors with no specified base type?

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9. Which of these are valid declarations for the main method?

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10. When recursive method is called to solve a problem, the method actually is capable of solving only the simpler case(s), or base case(s).

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11. What if the main method is declared as private?

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12. BorderLayout is the default layout manager for a JFrame’s content pane

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13. In Java garbage collection is done by_______________

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14. A top level class may have only the following access modifier.

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15. ____________is/are the JSP Implicit Object(s).

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16. In Java an abstract class cannot be sub-classed

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17. In Java, which of these classes implement the LayoutManager interface?

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18. If we remove String array from main then program____________

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19. If we remove static from main then program __________

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20. What if the static modifier is removed from the signature of the main method?

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21. Java developed in __________

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22. To create DataBaseMetaData object we write following line of code

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23. Which of following can be thrown using the throw statement?

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24. A ___________ defines the way and method of communication between two parties.

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25. Which of the following are passed as an argument to the paint ( ) method?

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26. You want a class to have access to members of another class in the same package. Which is the most restrictive access that accomplishes this objective?

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27. Which of the following methods are invoked by the AWT to support paint and repaint operations?

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28. A member variable or method prefixed by the protected access modifier can be accessed:

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29. If we remove static from main then program __________

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30. A top level class without any modifier is accessible to

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Basic components of web design and development

1. Look and Feel

Your website’s general look is, obviously, a significant part of website composition. We’re utilizing these wide terms to cover a scope of responses you need your site guest to have. Initial feelings are basic.

So you need to wow your interest group when the page loads. Clients take just 50 milliseconds to analyze your site or business, and that will decide if they’ll remain or leave.

2. Coloring

Basically the components you were likely expecting the most once you began perusing. Your shading range and text styles will straightforwardly illuminate your client’s viewpoints regarding your site and are what most beginner designers start with.

Concerning picking a shading plan, focusing on your image or industry viewpoints — alongside your interest group socioeconomics — above all it will make this a fairly easy interaction. Continuously be searching for ways of restricting your degree from the about 7 million perceivable shades the eye can recognize.

3. Fonts size and style

Similarly, as with the site’s general plan and format, you’ll need to offset business as usual with newness. Plan fans will recognize Arial or Times New Roman immediately. So, search for something somewhat unique — yet whatever you do, don’t think about Comic Sans.

So, your text ought to be effectively coherent, which for the most part implies body duplicate ought to be something like 16 pixels. Altogether utilizing a correlative text style is great for headings or accents, yet don’t go past three typefaces or superfluous estimating changes.

4. Navigation

Solid routes of your site are beyond the menu in your header. For a one-page website, for instance, you might need to incorporate directional bullets likes arrows or dots, etc that assist with coordinating clients through each part.

Most locales will likewise benefit by adding a tacky “Back to Top” button that rapidly conveys guests back to the highest point of the page. At long last, don’t overlook the footer route menu.

Clients will quite often scroll farther than you may expect, and a few brands even saw up to half more transformations with an enhanced footer.

On the off chance that a client has stayed close by long and trapped in your landing page, So, they’ll need elsewhere to go or another thing to do.

5. Website Content

Intently check out each word: Do you truly require it? Proficiency is vital, as additional words can hold up traffic and dull your image’s essential selling focuses.

Use headings and show text to arrange sections and immediately let your clients in on the thing data you’re giving. So, rather than utilizing long, meandering sentences, separate extensive records into requested or unordered records.

Simply think quick and painless!. To the extent content procedure goes, remember to look past your blog or landing page. Ensure your “About” and “Contact” pages take the suitable tone and pass on the right data.

6. Functionality of Website

The objective for your site ought to be one of the primary elements in concluding what elements are required. What is the ultimate objective for clients when visiting your site? To purchase an item? To submit contact data?

Whatever the main objective of your site is, it should be focused on. if, your site won’t assist you with changing over leads then you may have neglected to incorporate useful structure that makes it simple for clients to contact your organization on the web.

So, Make a list of the relative elements that are essential to your objectives. Utilize that list as a log of the base for your site.

7. Responsive Website Design

A responsive site is one that changes the look of the site according to the size of the client’s screen. For instance, text and pictures change from a three-section design to a solitary segment show.

Superfluous pictures are covered up so they don’t meddle or rival the more significant data on the site’s more modest presentation.

Assuming that you are on a PC, you can figure out whether a site is responsive by lessening your program’s window size from the full screen down to tiny. If the presence of the text, pictures, and menu change as you get more modest, then the site is responsive.

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