CS609 Midterm Past Papers


CS609 Midterm Past Papers

Download cs 609 midterm past papers before attempt midterm exam. Cs609 midterm past papers solved by moaaz and cs609 midterm solved papers by waqar siddue is very help in papers. You can download cs609 midterm past  mcqs and cs609 midterm past papers subjective in one zip file.cs609 mdterm past solved papers by waqar siddue is just like real papers and cs609 mi term past papers solved by moaaz all question is with reference.

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Cs609 practice quiz is online quiz made by xhunta.com for practice before exam. You will attempt quiz any time. quiz have a lot of question from past  papers and every quiz select 30 question randomly. Every time you select quiz question will be changed, so practice before attempt quiz , mid term papers or final term papers.

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CS609 lecture wise midterm quiz (practice)

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Keyboard uses port ____ as status port?

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The amount of memory above conventional memory (extended memory) can be determined using the service _______?

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____whenever received indicates the start of communication and ______ whenever received indicates a temporary pause in the communication?

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Only ________ ports are important from programming point of view?

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The BIOS interrupt 0x1AH can be used to configure real time clock?

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———— whenever receive indicates the start of communication ……….. whenever receive indicates the end of communication?

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The ____________ function simply enables the self test facility within the modem control register?

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In self test mode the output of the UART is routed to its input?

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BIOS support _____________UARTS as COM ports?

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The baud rate is set in accordance with the divisor value loaded within the UART internal registers base +0 and base +1?

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The bit of Line control register in UART, if set indicates that the DLL and DLM will act as the divisor

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UART stands for_______?

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If printer is _____ then printer sends back the ACK signal to the printer interface?

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At IRQ 7 Interrupt # ___ is used?

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LPTs can be swapped?

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The PPI acts as an interface between the CPU and a parallel ________ ?

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PPI is used to perform parallel communication?

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__________is used to control the printer via the BIOS ?

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________ store the base address for LPT1? ►40:00H?

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Int ________ is used to control the printer via the BIOS?

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In order to produce the sound from PC internal Speaker we have to load the___bit divisor value at the ___port?

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Total No. of bytes that can be stored in Keyboard Buffer is____?

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If three Programmable interrupt controllers are cascaded then how many interrupt driven hardware IO devices can be attached _____________?

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In IRQ2 and IRQ3 which one has the highest priority?

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It is possible to perform I/O operations from three different methods?

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Following is not a method of I/O?

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Each entry in the IVT is ________ in size?

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Timer interrupt occurs _______ times every second by means of hardware?

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Interrupt 9 usually reads the _________ from keyboard?

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The keyboard makes use of interrupt number _______ for its input operations?

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