Become a Virtual Assistant | A Step wise Guide

become a virtual assistant
become a virtual assistant

The time comes in every one of our lives when we need to track down a harmony between having some work, bringing in cash, and partaking in our life. At that point, you try to figure out how to transform your energy into cash. If you don’t have investment, then you might look for association into a locally established business as a helper or in the digital world, you can say a remote helper. More specifically a virtual assistant.

Who exactly is a Virtual Assistant?


A VA (virtual assistant) is an individual that can give backing to different organizations from a remote area. On account of the rapid web, record sharing, and modest meeting calling frameworks.

However, VA’s are popular among business people and online organizations that need assistance yet don’t have any desire to hire full-time employees in a particular area.

Therefore having somebody help their business remotely gives them greater adaptability, less fixed expenses, and the capacity to increase and down, contingent upon the business needs.

To lay it out plainly, as a VA (Virtual Assistant), you will be approached to do office and managerial sort assignments from a far-off area.

Responsibilities of Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant
virtual assistant responsibilities

The VA (virtual assistant) is truly anybody that can assist with assignments from a distant area.

This implies you will offer customers administrations on an everyday premise, as a worker for hire or independently employed.

This could incorporate, yet it’s not restricted to email the executives, content creation, accounting, visual depiction, online media, and the sky is the limit from there!

Each VA offers various services. So, in other words, what you are great at and ensure you customize your offers dependent on your abilities.

Everything thing you can manage, particularly when you are beginning, is to spend significant time in a specialty and deal with your support of a sort of business.

By turning into a specialist in your specialty, you will likewise get compensated more per work over the long haul.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant?

There are certain things, that you must know before jumping into the world of remote assistants.

how to become a virtual assistant
how to become a virtual assistant

Assess your capabilities

A resume that includes your legitimate limits will show your capabilities that you’re ready to accomplish the work, whether you have insignificant experience. The most generally perceived capacities a VA needs include:

  1. Computer literacy: VA’s use a wide extent of computer undertakings to play out their tasks. They should be aware of using the web, directing email inboxes, and using cloud-based correspondence.

for instance, record sharing, secret expression overseers and video talking. Ability in making archives, records, and bookkeeping.

2. Communication Skill: Excellent verbal and written communication skill is fundamental for VA to contact clients, get tasks from clients and play out different commitments, for instance, customer administration and making records.

3. Attachment and utilizing time viably: Besides helping clients with managing their time by overseeing timetables, schedules, and plans and performing definitive tasks for clients.

A VA should be proficient at straightening out their own events and managing their own time. As a VA, you might get tasks from various clients right away and need to perform them for the most part effectively and on time.

Assess your services according to paying structure.

According to your services, you should in like manner choose your charges. Some VA’s charge hourly, step by step, or after quite many weeks’ rates, while others get remunerated per task wrapped up.

Getting things ready for your services.

After selecting your services, you’ll offer will similarly help you with the kind of equipment you’ll need to play out those services. Some VA’s may use simply their PC yet depending upon the sort of work and the number of tasks you will do.

Therefore you may require additional PCs, screens, or phones. Finally, you need a trustworthy internet connection to execute your tasks.

Where to start from?


The web is a remarkable spot to start your journey as a VA. To be certain permits you to search for VA services in any geographic region, regardless, including remote positions.

You can simply search on google, social media platforms, or more specifically the sites which are dedicated to this. Companies that hire virtual assistants are :

  1. Freelancer.
  2. Fiverr.
  3. Toptal.
  4. Upwork.
  5. Flexjobs.
  6. Guru.
  7. LinkedIn.

Services that you can offer as a VA.

  1. Web-based Media

Several entrepreneurs realize that they need a web-based media presence, however, most don’t have the opportunity to commit making content, sharing, and drawing in with their crowd.

Assuming that you love overseeing Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts, therefore this specialty could be for you. Web-based media moves super quickly, and consistently.

There are new stages to dominate and to learn. Online media remote assistants are seeking after, and assuming you have any of these abilities, therefore this region may be ideal for you:

  • How to make features worth sharing and know about copywriting and advertising.
  • You have an eye for plan and can stick, tweet, and select delightful pictures for Instagram
  • Being fully informed regarding all that is moving.
  • Being expert to keep the discussion going with individuals.
  1. Writing content to a blog

To begin with, your own blogging site would be an extraordinary method for fasting track your writing for a blogger’s VA, while bringing in some additional cash as an afterthought.

You’ll figure out how more fruitful bloggers run their sites while assisting them with more authoritative responsibilities.

Tasks you will do as a blogger’s VA are:

      • Compose, alter, and edit blog entries.
      • Moderate blog remarks.
      • Make illustrations for blog entries or web-based media like Pinterest
      • Further, develop SEO.
      • Eliminate broken connections, add partner joins.
      • Deal with users’ messages.
      • Plan web-based media.
  1. Web-based business

Running a web-based business store can be difficult, particularly for little and average size organizations. Entrepreneurs have an endless analysis of undertakings to deal with each day. So, this is the place where a VA comes in to help.

A portion of the things you could assist with web-based businesses are:

      • Oversee client assistance
      • Order tacking, invoice, and shipments.
      • Manage returns/trades
      • Oversee stock
      • Assist with advertising
      • Site upkeep
  1. General Administration

Alright, the general administrator isn’t an unusually particular specialty, therefore assuming that you have past experience in office work, this is the ideal spot to begin as a VA.

It’s likely not the most rewarding, but rather authoritative help is vital to most organizations, and it’s a direct method for showcasing yourself to entrepreneurs that need assistance.

Tasks you can do as a general administrator VA:

      • Overseeing schedules and timetable
      • Overseeing messages
      • Booking arrangements
      • Making travel plans
      • Document the executives
      • Information section
      • Setting up accounting page
      • Essentially every errand that an overall office associate nearby would do, aside from bringing the espresso!
  1. Content Creation

If you love making, organizing, altering records, and eye-catching photos, then you could begin a VA business as a content writer. Making content is extremely tedious.

Most of the organizations don’t have time for creating valuable content for their projection. So there is a lot of room for you.

What you can offer as a Content creator are:

      • Composing blog entries
      • Research content thoughts
      • Make designs
      • Source photographs
      • Take item pictures
      • Alter pictures
      • Make recordings
  1. Accounting or Banking

If you have any past accounting or banking experience, then this could be a significant worthwhile VA specialty for you to investigate.

Your Tasks as a VA accountant would be:

      • Accounting
      • Receipt creation
      • Installments handling
      • Finance